Guide to Better Living: Getting Attention on Social Media–The Vague yet Dramatic Status

Sometimes a person just needs a little extra love from the world. In the past one would have to carry out actions desperate enough to capture the attention of the media or community to get this kind of support.  However, we are lucky enough to live in the age of social media.  The key to successfully garnering likes and comments from concerned friends and followers is mastering the art of the vague yet dramatic status.

The Prayer Request

Prithee Pray (1)

The Prayer Request is effective because human beings are naturally curious.  The act of requesting prayers ignites the imaginations of the incurably nosy among your friends.  They will almost certainly respond in the hopes that you may change your mind and let your adoring public in on the hot scoop of your hot mess.

The Check-In

Black Plague (2)

The Check-In is a fantastic weapon in the attention-seeker’s arsenal.  In order for this tactic to work, however, you absolutely cannot give any clue as to the purpose of your visit.  Ambiguity is key here.  It doesn’t really matter WHY you’re there–the important thing is to foster your followers’ wildest fancies.

Moderation is of the utmost import, though.  This cannot be stressed enough!  If you overuse these techniques, the response will cease to be curiosity or pity and will become eye rolls and unfollows–this is in direct opposition to the desired outcome of these desperate acts.  Use with discretion, however, and sit back and enjoy the outpouring of concern that will follow!



How great is this?!? Make your own Renaissance boots!!

This excellent tutorial shows you how to create custom boots just like you can buy at the Ren Fests!  Tutorial includes instructions for taping your feet to make the patterns.  VERY cool!

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Marguerite de La Rocque: 16th Century Noblewoman Stranded on the Isle of Demons | Ancient Origins

Marguerite de la Rocque was a French noblewoman who is well-known for surviving several years alone on a deserted island known as the Isle of Demons.  Marguerite was marooned on the island by her cousin.

Source: Marguerite de La Rocque: 16th Century Noblewoman Stranded on the Isle of Demons | Ancient Origins