Kettle Corn Conundrum

Anyone who knows me knows that I walk around (almost perpetually) with a kettle corn-shaped hole in my soul.  Indeed, it may in part be the quest to fill this void that has spurred my love for festivals.  One of the first questions I ask is usually, “will there be kettle corn there??”  Luckily for me, the answer is nearly always “yes.”

It is the ubiquitous nature of the sweet and salty treat that fuels my biggest confusion: why do so many fairs/festivals/vendors screw the pooch so badly when the time comes to decide where to stick the booth?

While many foods are best placed in the thick of the action, kettle corn isn’t one of them.  Most “fair foods” are single serving goods that the patron eats right after purchase.  Kettle corn, however, is a multi serving snack that is also extremely bulky and awkward to carry after purchase.

It is for this reason that I would like to encourage the kettle corn purveyors to consider moving their booths to the entrance/exit area of the festival/fair.  This simple shift would almost certainly increase the sales of their product.

As much as I love kettle corn, if I know that I will have to tote my bags of golden goodness (yes multiple.  Don’t judge me) around for the rest of my visit, as much as it pains me to do so, I may decide not to buy it at all.  This scenario is almost too terrible to comprehend.  Please don’t make me choose between buying kettle corn and staying to see the rest of the fair!

Sure, I can hear what you might be thinking: “why don’t you just go back for the kettle corn if you want it so badly?”  Well, the first reason is that I’m probably pretty tired by that point.  Secondly:  I’m not the only person who faces this unfortunate hassle, so why should we all be inconvenienced?  Thirdly:  shut up.

One Ren Fest that gets it right is the St. Louis Renaissance Faire.  Their kettle corn is right at the gate as I like to think God intends it to be.  Others should follow suit.


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