Reign: A Very Guilty Pleasure

First of all, if you’re looking for accurate Renaissance/Reformation era drama, flipping past the CW would probably be a good rule of thumb.  If, however, you are looking for lush teen soap operas with high production value and tons of eye appeal, you’re on the right channel.  Case in point: Reign.

Reign fits the typical CW mold:  a bevy of beautiful 20-somethings portraying teenagers set to a soundtrack of prozac-fueled neo folk music.  Also par for the coarse is dressing said characters in clothing that looks like it was raided from fashion week refuse bins.  The fashions displayed on the show are almost comically anachronistic for the era being portrayed.

Mary and her ladies look as though they are dressed for prom and the theme is “Renaissance Brothel.”  Sometimes they get it less wrong, but often enough are the characters dressed in edgy modern fashion that it is rather distracting.  Of course they also play fast and loose with historical accuracy in other ways, but one can’t blame them for trying to pander to a modern audience who knows little about the era.

I definitely count watching this show as a guilty pleasure.  Do I like everything about it?  Nope.  Will it stop me from watching it?  Nope.


3 thoughts on “Reign: A Very Guilty Pleasure

  1. Every once in a while, I get a touch frustrated that they are all over the place, and verrrry inaccurate. But then I realise that not everyone has spent their time studying medieval/early modern history, and that it entertains me far more than most shows. I am a dedicated Reign fan, I will admit! I also do love the costume design. Accurate? Not even close. Oppulent and extravagent- without a doubt. Love the blog! Cheers!

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  2. I’ve tried watching Reign but have a difficult time with the inaccuracies because they could lead someone to believe this is they way it was historically. It perpetuates a falsehood that most people won’t take the time to research but will repeat as a truth. I have the same feelings when watching police dramas and the officers/FBI/CIA are mishandling their weapons.


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