Festival Fun at Boster Castle in the Kingdom of Callaway

Yesterday was the Two Faire Wenches’s first experience at the Central Missouri Renaissance Festival.  Where shall I begin?  First of all, the weather could not have been more perfect.  It hovered right around 59 degrees all day which was absolutely ideal in multiple layers of garb.  Secondly, WHAT A LOVELY FAIRE!  The festival grounds were very easy to navigate, and the autumn trees really added to the picturesque setting.

While this is a smaller festival, that is far from a negative.  I personally enjoyed the smaller size of the venue because it was definitely more intimate.  I was also highly impressed by the number of people in attendance who wore some kind of costume.  It definitely added to the atmosphere and made it feel more like a group of friends playing together rather than a bunch of tourists visiting a theme park like some other Festivals have a tendency to feel.  That was a nice departure.  It truly felt like a market day or a festival day in a small village.

There were many fantastic vendors at the Festival, but one that I really enjoyed was the Village Books tent.  Village Books’s permanent location is in Columbia, MO.

...verily I cannot pass up a good book.

…verily I cannot pass up a good book.

They had me at the word “book.”  The tomes they had selected to bring back to the Renaissance were appropriately themed.  I, however, decided that I could not live without a book entitled Shakespeare’s Kitchen because it combines three of my favorite things:  books, food, and Shakespeare.

In addition to the vendors, there was a wonderful array of entertainment sprinkled throughout the grounds.  One such performer was Emrys Starsong, who writes much of his own materials in addition to performing songs penned by his mother and father.

Emrys Starsong

Emrys Starsong

One of my favorite songs from the set was a parody of Billy Joel’s “Piano Man” that depicted a game of Dungeons and Dragons as told by the Dungeon Master.  While I myself am not a player (though when people find out that you dress for Ren Fests, many assume that you do play), I found the song very funny.

Another act that I enjoyed VERY much was Better Than Nun.   These two were great!  This was a hybrid comedy/musical act (as are most in the RenFest setting), and it appeared that a great many members of the audience found them as delightful as we did.

Two cheeky

Two cheeky “sisters” tell off-color jokes and sing bawdy songs. Perfect!

The show was lively and upbeat.  The song they sang about their vacation to “Hawai’i” was hysterical.  Another song that was quite well-received was the camp out favorite, “The Rooster Song.”  This group is fantastic.  Who doesn’t love spirited nuns?  😉  I can’t wait to catch them at future Festivals.

Another nice feature of the day was the University of Missouri Columbia’s Raptor Rehabilitation Project raptor demonstration.  Beautiful creatures.

Jacob is a Red-Tailed Hawk who is used as an Education Bird with the Project

Jacob is a Red-Tailed Hawk who is used as an Education Bird with the Project

This beauty is currently in the rehabilitation process and they plan to release it back into the wild.

This beauty is currently in the rehabilitation process and they plan to release it back into the wild.

And finally we come to the part of the day that I always look forward to:  the food.  There were two options to choose from:  the food booth and the food truck.  After seeing the massive volcano of nachos on other people’s plates, we decided we couldn’t hold out anymore.  We had to head to the Lilly’s Cantina Food Truck.

Honestly some of the best nachos I've ever had.

Honestly some of the best nachos I’ve ever had.

Yes, I took a picture of my nachos.  I told you earlier that I love food.  Seriously good stuff.  We saw somebody who got one of the burritos.  HUGE.

For now the Central Missouri Renaissance Festival is only open for one weekend, but according to Doug Wilson (one of the Festival organizers we happened to meet while waiting for our turn at the food truck), the hope is that attendance this year would be large enough to justify a second weekend.  I hope the second weekend happens next year so that more people will get the opportunity to discover this local gem of a Festival.


4 thoughts on “Festival Fun at Boster Castle in the Kingdom of Callaway

  1. I’m very glad you enjoyed your time at the Faire! “Story Man” is a favorite of mine as well, despite that it isn’t as period-appropriate as others. It usually garners a laugh or two, and occasionally triggers happy memories for some, and that’s really what it’s all about.


    • We certainly did enjoy it! It was our first time there, but I venture a guess that it will certainly not be our last! “Story Man” definitely made me laugh. I’ve always been a sucker for parody (thanks, Weird Al…). 🙂


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