A Show of Hands: Who Wants to Sew Some Renaissance Garb???

It’s no secret that attending a Renaissance Festival in costume is definitely more fun.   So where do you start?   You can’t exactly waltz into Target and expect to walk out with a Renaissance wardrobe (if you’re plus sized,  you probably won’t walk out with anything at all… but that’s another post).

I started building my wardrobe initially by shopping on eBay and Etsy.   You can find really nice,  affordable garb on both sites.   A great starter set of bodice,  chemise, and skirt can easily be had for around $100.

Buying versatile pieces,  like a reversible bodice, can certainly open up lots of possibilities for your wardrobe. But eventually you will probably at least consider making some pieces yourself.

To date the only things I’ve actually sewn are a bumroll and a tartan shawl to match M’Lord’s great kilt. Simple things, to be sure, but I’m getting bolder.

For the last couple of years I have been collecting patterns. Tip: if you have a Hobby Lobby in your area, watch the weekly sales. Every few months they will put either McCall’s or Simplicity patterns on sale for $. 99 or $1. 99. HUGE savings over the regular prices (which are always 40% off anyway). There is always a limit of 10 patterns per person, so either bring a friend or plan on multiple trips if you want to buy your collection all at once.

I am almost to the point of attempting an actual garment! I have the patterns and my mum has a huge fabric stash, so a project can’t be far behind.

My collection:


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